Monday, December 07, 2009

    I came across silver stars MMA clothing

    Silver Stars is an online MMA Clothing retailer, that I came across by accident one day. Now it's not strictly related to snowboarders but I know there are a few of you that like to ware the alternative gear so I thought I would let you know about it.

    First of all the website is great. The layout is nice and easy to work your way around. As soon as you get on there you notice the type of clothing it is and you would know what I mean when I say some of you will love it.

    Something that is worth a special mention is the free ups shipping for US residents. If saving a few dollars on shipping gives you an extra day on the slopes i'm all for it.

    Recently they have launched a new line called MMA Apparel. The stuff is great and will really set you out from the crowd. Who knows you might even appeal to one (or more) of those little snow bunnies we see around the place. A bit of extra activity off the slopes can't hurt.

    Don't worry all you snowboards of the opposite sex. Silver Star has you covered with MMA Shirts and other items.

    While going through the site I came across a great christmas idea from the guys at silver star! Vouchers! Now you can give someone a terrific gift and they can choose what they want. How simple is that. Before you know it you can have all your family and friends christmas shopping out the way with plenty more time for the things that really matter. These vouchers are like no other voucher you will see. It has that distinct silver star look about them, chances are the person you give it to will want to keep it for themselves.

    As they say on their site. "Built for champions" are you one?

    Look take my word for it. Head over to Silver Star and pick up some great gear.

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    ClubPond a new social network

    For those of you who don't know who I am, well I own a web design located in Perth, Western Australia company called Able Net Design.

    Anyway for about 2 years if not more I have been playing with the idea of building a social network. Not just a facebook or myspace clone but one that has a focus on community clubs and groups.

    Not a week goes by were we at Able Net Design, don't get a phone call from a community sporting club looking to have their own page. Although it would be great to help them out, financially we just can't hence ClubPond.

    While I was building it, I worked out it wasn't that hard to implement some features for members who sign up to use on a personal basis. That is why I am blogging in now. If you are a member of a club that is great let them know.

    Some screenshots:

    Although it is new, it has already had some recognition to from a few websites and the membership grows on a daily basis.

    I am asking all SnowExtreme fans to signup and support me. I would really appreciate it.

    As some ClubPond members have stated "see you by the pond!"

    2 new Sponsors for us

    I would like to introduce our new sponsors:

    Shred Sled - See It!
    For those like me who don't live near the snow or you just can't get there then this could be for you!

    Our second sponsor is

    Shop at $5 Shipping!

    The perfect place for all your own and off slope gear.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Layout Change

    As you can see the layout just changed.

    I came across this in a free theme site and actually liked it. I still have some work to customise it a bit. As you can see there is some spanish through the site.

    I'm on to it. By the end of the day we should have a fresh page to play with.

    Should there be some changes?

    It's been awhile since I posted to this blog as I am in too minds. I know you come here for SnowBoarding news but we do need to go off topic a little here.

    The all important question is should Snow Extreme Blog stay on the blogger platform or should I move it to a custom site with it's own domain?

    Either way I want to create a custom layout. I have tried with some of these blogger templates and nothing really speaks to me. 

    This was just a quick rant but I am determined to make a snowboarding related post later on today.


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